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Fee Waiver Form

Fee Waiver Overview:

National Board scoring participants who have served for two consecutive years are eligible to receive a fee waiver of $300 when applying to obtain or renew National Board Certification.

Submittal Process:

  1. Access the Fee Waiver Form.
  2. Complete the top section of the fee waiver form with your information. This form may be completed electronically, but must contain an original signature. 
  3. Submit the completed and signed fee waiver form to Pearson at Once your previous employment with Pearson has been verified by a member of the Human Resources team, your completed form will be forwarded to the National Board for processing.

Qualification Requirements (the fine print):

  • Fee waiver applicants must have served as National Board scoring participants for two consecutive years with Pearson.
  • The scoring staff fee waiver can only be used once per applicant. Both new NBCT applicants and NBCT renwal applicants are eligible to use the fee waiver once.
  • The scoring staff fee waiver form may be submitted after establishing an account, receiving an NBPTS Candidate ID number, and purchasing NBC or renewal.
  • Fee waivers will not be honored after published payment deadlines. The final deadline to submit a fee waiver form for the current submission cycle is February 28. Any waivers submitted after this date are not eligible for processing.
  • The scoring staff fee waiver is available for use for two scoring cycles: the cycle that is open at the time scoring commences and the next immediate cycle. This enables eligible applicants to couple the fee waiver with state or local spring funding opportunities (where applicable). This also enables renewal candidates to use the fee waiver in the following year if renewal applicant is not eligible for renewal when the waiver is submitted to Pearson.
  • This program may be amended or changed at any time.