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Employee Referral Program

We want to work with more great people like you!

And, we recognize that our employees may be the best source of locating and recruiting high caliber candidates to Pearson. Refer your friends and colleagues as a member of the National Board scoring staff, and earn $100* for each referred new applicant we hire!

Important Notice: the National Board Employee Referral Form and guidelines have been updated effective for the 2019 season. Please be sure to utilize the updated form (link below) and review the eligibility/form submission requirements carefully. If you have questions concerning the referral bonus, please email

How it works:

  1. The referred applicant MUST select “referral” when asked “How did you hear about this opportunity?” on their scoring application, and enter referring employee's name when prompted. 
  2. Either the referred or referring party MUST submit the National Board Referral Form within 30 days from the date the application is submitted. If an electronic form is not submitted via this survey, the referral bonus cannot be processed.
  3. Once all scoring has been completed, Human Resources will verify that your referral successfully completed service as a member of the National Board scoring staff.
  4. The referring employee will be issued a recruitment bonus by payroll check. 
  5. *Each qualified referral is eligible for a $100 referral bonus minus the appropriate taxes. 

Important facts to know (the fine print):

  • All referring employees must be currently active in our payroll system to receive the referral bonus.
  • All referred applicants must successfully complete a National Board scoring project in order for the referral bonus to be paid out.
  • Only one National Board referral can be processed for one employee. If more than one Pearson employee refers the same applicant, the employee who refers the applicant first will receive the bonus.
  • Referrals must be processed within the same calendar year that the referring applicant worked. 
  • If a referral form is submitted with no application, Pearson will hold the form for 60 days from the referral form submission date. After 60 days with no application the referral form will become invalid and a new form would need to be submitted if the referral applies at a later time.
  • A referral can be processed if the referred candidate is new to the National Board program, but not new to Pearson.
  • A referral can be processed if a candidate has previously scored National Board, was referred for a specific project during the current calendar year, and does not have a new application on file.
  • All National Board referral forms are reviewed at the end of the scoring season, and eligible referrals are submitted to payroll for processing by the end of September.
  • Referred employees NOT eligible for the referral bonus are: 1) past regular or temporary employees of Pearson; consultants; contractors and agency employees 2) those referred by an employment agency 3) HR personnel 4) applicants responding to an advertisement.
  • This program may be amended or changed at any time.