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Assessing for National Board is a great professional development opportunity, and an invaluable part of the National Board Certification process. Assessors score candidate responses to portfolio or assessment center exercises and are trained to look for evidence of a candidate's practice through the lens of the National Board standards.

National Board assessors consistently report that the assessment process is a great professional development experience. In fact, a survey of assessors revealed:

  • 80 percent said the work was better than other professional development activity.
  • 64 percent said they had become more reflective about their own teaching practices.

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The 2019 application is available here

Note: The application link posted above is specific to new National Board scoring applicants. If you previously applied to be a National Board assessor with Pearson between 2014-2018, a new application is not required. If you did not receive the 2019 National Board availability questionnaire sent in February, please email us for your unique 2019 National Board availability questionnaire link. An updated questionnaire or application is required in order to be considered for the 2019 scoring season.


Assessor trainees must successfully demonstrate their ability to evaluate candidate materials. Training is typically done the first two days of the scoring window and enables assessors to:

  • Evaluate responses based on National Board standards.
  • Use the National Board scoring system, the score scale, rubrics, benchmarks and other tools.
  • Identify biases and preferences including self-examination and awareness of both.


  • A partial fee waiver applicable for future candidacy as a first-time candidate after serving at least two years as a member of the scoring staff.
  • An opportunity for in-depth interaction with colleagues.
  • Exposure to more examples of teaching than most teachers will typically see during their entire careers.
  • An opportunity to learn ways to positively transfer enhanced teaching practices to the classroom and to peers.
  • Increased professional recognition.
  • Graduate credit.